Kentdesigns Ltd - Software engineering since 1979

Design, build and repair


Palm waste - husks and POME being aerobically composted

We give competent advice via our degree qualified consultants - (Software engineering/biology/mycology/control systems), on all biological and computer control aspects of mushroom growing and Palm Oil aerobic bunker composting systems at no cost to our customers.

  • O2 aerobic composting bunker computer control systems.
  • Button, Oyster and exotics environmental control systems design.
  • CH4 - O2 - CO2 - RH gas analysis design and build, repair and calibration.
  • Odour prevention systems and weather stations. Temperature probes – specific designs for cells, tunnels, bunkers, etc.
  • Fume cabinet control systems.
  • Fancom controller repairs and installation

Led lighting in a shipping container

Grow mushrooms in a shipping container!

Gas analysis for Palm Oil Aerobic bunker- Oxygen and Methane

  • Hoogendoorn, ecostar system boards repaired and tested
  • Air particle sampling for the mushroom industry.
  • Interfacing of electronic equipment – design and manufacture.
  • Software products for the mushroom industry.
  • Phase 2 tunnel control systems.
  • Growing room control systems